About Virtuality

Stuck in a strange place between the real world and the virtual world, a player can connect the two worlds using commands on a computer. They can perform things such as explosions, teleportation, and even change the speed of time. A player musts use these things to solve puzzles, eliminate "viruses" on the computer, and ultimately, escape back into the real world.

Current State

Virtuality is currently in it's alpha stage, and we plan to release on Steam in first half 2016. At the moment, development is focused towards level creation (more info on Twitter) and refining the enemy's intelligence.




Head over to the contact page and send me an email and I'll write back as soon as I can. You can also check out our Greenlight page, but the content over there is now way past outdated as we head farther into development.

Development Progress

(Will be regularly updated as development continues) Last Updated : 2/14/2016


Currently, a player may execute six basic commands to help them escape. These commands are speed, jump, teleport, explode, shield, and viewcamera and they each do very different things. Most of them are self-explanatory (with speed you can change your movement pace and with jump you can change your jump height etc.), but some require positions to be activated. For example, with the teleport command, the player may insert two positions into the computer and create a portal connecting them together, or with the shield command, the player may spawn a shield at a given position. Normally, these commands are inputted into the computer by typing on a keyboard, but for VR, an intuitive select system is used.





Levels and the Level Editor

Throughout the game, players come across many different challenging levels found in the main portion of the game or created by others. To complete a level, the player must find a special computer, input a set of commands, and then navigate themselves to the end portal. Seems simple enough, right? Well, the player will encounter many different obstacles and enemies as they attempt to complete this task. Intelligent AI will roam around the level looking for the player, and can be very hard to escape when they do spot the player. Obstacles such as endless voids, lasers, and explosions also make the level more dangerous. Recently, a level editor has been created to allow players to make their own creations and upload them to the Steam Workshop (this is still a work in progress, so more information should show here very soon).


A main obstacle that the player will face throughout their journey are the intelligent "viruses" that seek out to eliminate you from the computer. The AI will walk around their "patrol route" until they see the player, at which then they will chase them until they are killed or kill the player. The player must strategically eliminate or avoid these robots to avoid detection, which is almost always lethal.


Development blogs are coming soon! Just check back here every so often.

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